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Oklahoma State University

Professional Advisory Council

The Professional Advisory Committee (PAC) meets with the school head, faculty, and school leaders once per semester in order to help the school maintain its professional focus and assist with fundraising efforts.

Chairperson: Jim Hasenbeck
School of Architecture Professional Advisory Committee
Gene Brown FSB, OKC
Craig Foster, AIA LWPB Associates, OKC
Jeremy Gardner Gardner Architects, OKC
Jim Hasenbeck, AIA Studio Architecture, OKC
Dave Huey, AIA Leed AP Dewberry, Tulsa
Larry Kester, AIA Architects Collective Inc., Tulsa
Kristin Kilgore ZFI, OKC
Stan Lingo Lingo Construction, OKC
Sterling Little WDG, Dallas, retired
Shannon West, AIA Selser Schaefer Architects, Tulsa
Merv Snowden, P.E. Snowden Engineering Inc., Tulsa
Brad Thurman, P.E. Wallace Engineering, Tulsa
Dave Timberlake Timberlake Construction, OKC
Tom Wallace, P.E. Wallace Engineering, Tulsa
Regional Representatives
Dallas Branch RTKL Associates, Dallas
Thom Campbell L.A. Fuess Partners, Inc., Dallas, TX
Jerry Conduff Nike, Portland
Mike Damore, AIA A. Epstein & Sons Intl., Chicago
Patrick Glenn Perkins and Will, Dallas
Scott Greer King and Spaulding, Houston
Billy Hinton HKS, Dallas
Randy Kreie Dimella, Shaffer, Boston
David Powell, FAIA Hastings Architecture Associates, Nashville
David Tobin TOBIN, Charlotte
Thom Walsh, AIA Fentress Architects, Denver
Bryce Weigand, FAIA Weigand Art & Architecture, Dallas