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Oklahoma State University

Professor Suzanne Bilbeisi named Head of the School of Architecture

On Friday, June 16th, the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education confirmed Centennial Professor Suzanne Bilbeisi, AIA as the new Head of the School of Architecture.  Suzanne brings 23 years of faculty experience to the position, as well as a deep understanding of the mission and goals of the School.  Dean Tikalsky noted her academic and professional experience, enthusiasm, and insight as a few of her key qualities that led to this decision.  He further stated his confidence in Suzanne's ability to work with the faculty to set bold goals for the School and work with the College to fulfill those goals.  There are many challenges and opportunities in higher education today; Professor Bilbeisi, along with the faculty, staff, students, and alumni will work to find new ways to advance the School and leverage available resources.  We have passion for the cause and we are optimistic about the future!

 If you are an alumnus of the school, we know that you care about the future direction and plans for the continued development of our academic programs.  We can state without a doubt that we have the most loyal alumni in CEAT!  Please feel free to contact Suzanne if you have any suggestions or concerns about the School or the education we are providing to our students.  Her email is ... we look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully seeing you soon!